False superstitions at online casinos

False superstitions at online casinos

Let’s talk roughly about these terrible superstitions that persist about online casino games. As we know, playing at the casino is, by definition, a very random activity, and everyone knows that most often, they risk not winning. Winning at the casino takes skill, patience, discipline, and organization. It should certainly remain entertainment, but so that the party does not end too quickly, it is better to take some precautions and make the fun last. The more you optimize your games, the more your chances of winning will increase. This is the reverse of the superstitions that one can continually encounter in the world of online gambling.

Did you say superstitions?

We can say that superstitions exist in the world of gambling as in the rest of societal life. It results in the behavior of players at the online casino in this case.

For example, many players still seek to understand and reproduce incongruous and illogical rituals once they have won a little at one or more games in particular. And sometimes we will try, defying all common sense, to try to reproduce the conditions of a win without knowing that they have absolutely no influence on the gaming environment itself. Some will tell you: “You have to wait for such and such a free spin to start and then click on the one on the right, not on the left, and you are sure to pocket the million !!” This is one of the many types of casino gaming superstitions. It can even happen that when a player achieves some good results at a well-defined table in live casino games.

Others will base their fetishes on specific numbers: 777, or 888, or just 0 (for roulette! ) And 21 (for blackjack! ). Some will go so far as not to wear certain colors as they attempt the last jackpot. Superstitions at the casino are a compendium of all those existing day to day. Everyone has their own little irrational quirks. At the roulette or blackjack table, we find lucky charms, rabbit’s feet, amulets of all kinds, etc. All sprinkled with rituals featuring them to solicit the skies conducive to monetary gains.

One of the biggest casino superstitions in the world is the attitude of the player once in full play: poker sunglasses, not crossing your legs for fear of tempting the evil eye.

Some do not even realize their degree of superstition when it comes to putting the greenbacks on the carpet of the same name. Superstitions and rituals are, of course, not bad things as long as we can identify and rationalize them. You should not lose a hand just to respect certain rules enacted by your gambling ritual at the casino! That would be a shame.

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