How to choose your bonus to play and win more?

How to choose your bonus to play and win more?

As a player at online casinos 3win2u, you probably already know how important bonuses are. New bonuses are posted on casino sites every day, and if you are already a casino member, you will likely receive email or chat messages telling you about the latest offers. The question simply arises: how to choose a casino bonus? If you are new to the world of online casinos and casino bonuses, then here is an overview of the different offers that you are likely to come across and how to choose from them.

  • Welcome bonus – these are bonuses available to new players only. Anyone who signs up to a casino site is offered a “welcome bonus,” which allows them to play longer and try more games. Read our article to learn more about this bonus that is important to know.
  • Promotion Bonuses – bonuses offered by casinos as part of promotions, for example, to showcase a new game or a new line of games. These are bonuses systematically attached to a deposit on the part of the player and/or exceptionally in the context of competitions or tournaments.
  • Bonus with deposit – common bonuses offered by casinos. Often formulated with a percentage, they entitled to a certain amount of money offered by the casino. For example, 100% means that if you deposit the sum of 100 euros, the casino gives you a gift of 100 euros as well. These “extras” can be automatic if you are eligible for a current promotion but are also surprisingly simple enough to receive manually and only by making the request by live chat before your deposit …
  • No deposit bonus – these bonuses are the most attractive because they do not require the player to deposit a certain amount of money. Hard to find, they also offer maximum withdrawals in the event of gains.

Some important points about online casino bonuses:

The rule of thumb when it comes to knowing how to choose your casino bonus is to always check the bonus terms and conditions very carefully. Casinos use bonuses to attract new players, and many offers are genuinely generous. However, a casino should not be confused with a charity! Although the amounts paid out are real, the terms of most bonuses are such that the casino sites almost always make a profit. So be vigilant, and check the restrictions applicable to each coupon and each bonus.

Here are the most common restrictions:

  • Offer valid only on certain games or on certain game families.
  • Offer valid only for a predetermined period.
  • Offer valid only for bets of a predetermined minimum value.
  • Restrictions on the maximum amount that can be withdrawn as a result of using the bonus.
  • Predetermined minimum of the number of bets and stakes to be made with the bonus before being able to withdraw his winnings.

If in doubt or if you need clarification, never hesitate to contact the casino’s customer service department – keeping yourself informed is one of their main responsibilities.

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